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What to Expect from a

Sacred Relationship Retreat

Sacred Relationship retreats are fun and help you not only spark your relationship in the moment, but learn valuable practices to take home and implement into your life so you can strive to always live at the highest vibration possible within your current relationship.


You and your beloved will spend time in circle with other couples talking about your relationship, but will also have a good amount of time alone with each other to work on building practices. The men will spend a good portion of one day just with Tim and the women will spend a good portion of one day with Anni and then they will switch and Tim will spend time with the ladies and Anni will spend time with the men discussing important issues to each partner. There will be time doing art, creating medicine pouches, envisioning circles, time alone to meditate and of course there will be plenty of romance. We pride ourselves on being able to create a set up and environment that is so romantic that the couple can't help but to fall in love all over again. The couples who have come through our program feel great afterward and wish they would have found out about us sooner! If you want to experience this type of connection with your beloved, sign up today! We have very limited spots and they go quick!

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