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Online Retreats

Do you want to have the most Sacred Relationship you can possibly have with your beloved?


You have an opportunity to do the Sacred Relationship retreat online in a private group with Tim + Anni, at your own pace. If you can not make it to a live retreat, this can be a great option for you!


Online Retreat Outline...


Week One :: They Reflect

Week Two :: Energy + Choices, + Love Speak

Week Three :: Love Languages

Week Four :: Spiritual Divorce + Fear Release

Week Five :: Envisioning

Week Six :: They Vow


The online course is filled with couples activities, art, connection exercises, and practices to make the course apply to real life. We want to equip couples with daily practices they can implement to create a healthy relationship at the highest vibration possible. To truly have a Sacred Relationship couples need to be able and willing to look closely at themselves and how they contribute to the overall functioning of the relationship.

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