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Level 2 Testimonials

Travis Mullins: Big shout out to Anni and Tim, they have done it again. Relationship level 2 was amazing. I headed to the Bahamas not knowing what to expect for level 2 relationship retreat and really enjoyed this one. Level 1 relationship retreat was intense for my beloved and I. This one we left feeling invigorated and a new spark in our relationship. The group that we experienced this retreat with was divine. With both relationship retreats I have been to the universe put the right couples with us that allowed everyone to leave having gained tremendous amounts of knowledge. I really enjoyed spending time with my beloved making our own card deck that we use at our altar at home. The drum making activity was brilliant, because it utilized both the feminine and masculine aspects of our personal being and as a couple.


I really enjoyed circling with the men, lead by my brother Tim. He is an amazing man and comes with excellent knowledge and intuitive advice to aid in the reflection of self and  what  it  means

to be a man. Tim’s chakra cleansing and sound healing really aided in my preparation for our final ceremony. Each day at the retreat built us up to the final ceremony on the beach, where my beloved and I rededicated and our love for each other which was much needed for our relationship.


I could go on and on, But the bottom line is, go to the relationship retreats you will not be disappointed. The space that Anni and Tim hold allow these beautiful couples the ability to transform and raise the vibration. This ultimately creates long lasting affects on families, communities, and the world as a whole.

Katie Mullins: I have been having trouble writing this testimonial because I don’t even know where to begin and for some time the experience of it all felt like a dream. We knew the Bahamas and level 2 would be a great sacred circle to recommit and help us establish a solid foundation to begin again. What we didn’t expect was how profound the experience would be…


Both Anni and Tim have the gift of touching your soul. Through their discussions and activities there is a thread that is weaved between your higher self and your beloved’s. My love and I had amazing evenings together, where we talked late into the night, connecting as never before. We created beautiful things together, in a harmonious flow we had never experienced. And the realizations we had as parents while on the retreat has raised the vibration in our own home. I wish I could go into the specifics but SERIOUSLY just go and experience it yourselves.


These retreats are not just retreats to fix things. We had “fixed” a lot before attending. These retreats are life changing. Raising both of you together, unified, to the next level of Being. These aren’t band aid solutions for your relationship. They are LIFE LONG practices which imprint into both your hearts lasting much longer than the retreat itself. The relationship retreat allows

you a safe place to go really deep together and uncover, turn over, forgive, let go, embrace, and dream. I have never been so in love with my husband, my love, my soul mate, as I am now. And I have so much gratitude for our journey with Sacred Living Movement, guided by Anni and Tim for assisting us each step of the way this past year.


And to my love: You amaze me, every single day. Thank you from the bottom of my being for showing up and doing the work with me to make us strong. I am so incredibly honored to call you my King, and will love you a thousand lifetimes more.

Amanda Omoth: When the Sacred Relationship retreat began I had very high expectations. We registered for this retreat after reading testimonials from the first one raving that it was life changing. I was hopeful it would be the same experience for us, but knew that was a lot to ask. Together for 14 years and married for 7 and a half, it was easy to forget all the reasons why you fell in love with your spouse and instead focus on the every day stresses in life. We were no longer making each other a priority. Our home wasn't always the loving positive environment that it should be for our 3 year old daughter because we were not happy with what our relationship had become. I knew we needed a change in our lives and our relationship but did not know how to make that change. What we had tried in the past did not work, we were going in circles. During the 4 days with Anni and Tim ALL of my extremely high expectations were met and more! It is incredible how deep and meaningful every discussion, activity and moment was. We met 4 amazing couples who were willing to open up, connect with us and support us- the kind  of  support

you usually only  get  from  close friends or family you have known for years. At the retreat we worked through issues that have been negatively affecting our relationship for 10+years. This was made possible with the help of Anni and Tim in just a couple of days. We did individual meditations to find a better version of ourselves to bring to our relationship. One of the most powerful experiences was the women's circle on day two, made even better by the secluded beach we found at low tide. There were lots of emotions to experience and I felt completely understood and appreciated by all of the women. Each couple came back together that night with the most romantic outdoor candlelit dinner. I couldn't have asked for anything more out of the Sacred Relationship retreat! We got exactly what we needed. The villa was amazing- very private rooms and a beautiful pool where we spent almost all of our down time. Although we worked on so many things each day it was a very relaxing getaway. We were pampered with delicious meals, local entertainment, gifts, surprises and the company of new friends. It really was life changing and we got so much out of our time with these amazing people. I feel lighter and happier- what an awesome way to nourish my mind, heart, body and soul! We would love to go to another one!



Tim McGookey: I arrived at the Sacred Relationship retreat in Mexico with a fair degree of trepidation. Kate and I have had some bumps on the road that had completely erased any progress we had made toward a fully harmonious marriage. Right from the get-go, Anni and Tim helped change that. From the outset they mentioned the absolute need for openness to experiences and that is what I promised to myself. By following their guidance I was able to make a lot of realizations about myself and my shared life with Kate, both good and bad. In the environment of the men’s circle with Tim, I was able to grapple a bit with the behaviors I’ve introduced into my life that ultimately don’t serve me as much as I hoped they would. Through Tim and Anni’s mediation, Kate and I were able to lay some good groundwork for improving our marriage and raising it to an entirely new and wonderful level. Our spiritual divorce and recommitment were, in turn, nerve-wracking and fulfilling events. It was fantastic being able to propose to Kate once again under the stars, and hit on exactly the things we need to work on within that proposal. Time spent on the beach preparing my vows I found to be great for reflection and introspection. Kate and I had communicated where our hurts and desires were to one another, and I found it time to get to work on ways to address those wants and needs. Writing vows underneath the darkening sky with crashing waves in the background was a wonderfully meditative experience. The next day, returning to that same beach to recommit to one another was a delight. Where twelve hours earlier I had been searching my heart for words, I finally got the chance to express them to my love. We were welcomed as again spiritually married by the entire group and I felt my joy overflowing. Having the privilege to stand with the other couples and witness their promises to one another was a marvelous boon as well. We recommitted as a community. The other couples we met are fabulous people and I feel so enriched for having been able to journey with them in this experience and watch as each relationship achieved higher vibrations and became sacred in their own turn. I’m looking forward to any possible reunion. Kate and I have used the tools with which Anni and Tim have equipped us already. Where once I would race to a place of defensiveness and aggression, I’ve tried instead to respond to Kate with the highest amount of love I can give. By practicing the behaviors that we learned, I can easily see things getting even better each day with my love. To anyone contemplating on going on one of these retreats, I’d offer strong encouragement to go. Not only to go, but to be fully present. It’s worth it, I assure you. Thank you, Tim and Anni, for providing such a wonderful garden in which my relationship could grow and blossom.

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