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Level 2 Live Retreats

Do you want to deepen your Sacred Relationship with your beloved after loving your level 1 retreat?


Tim + Anni have been working hard on how couples could come again to a Sacred Relationship Retreat and deepen the work they started at the first retreat!


This is an entirely new retreat experience! If you came to a Sacred Relationship Retreat and loved it and feel like you want even more deepening, some reminders, some new practices and to look at some new areas of connection... well we have a treat in store for you!

At a Level 2 Sacred Relationship Retreat you will...

*connect with other couples who have gone through Sacred Relationship once before in

circle and ceremony

*"a look back" what is working + what is not working / new practices / reflections

*communication / circular arguments / and "what to say" practice methods

*men will spend a full day with tim doing more release work, nature cleansing ritual

*women will spend a full day with anni, in a cleansing nature ritual


*tantra talk and yab yum practice


*despacho ceremony

*chakra "couples" cleanse

*couples tarot reading

*make a couples drum to find the heart beat of the relationship

*a deep look at sexual connection, freedom, and sharing intimate heart space

*make a tantra "lovers" massage oil

*salt bowl

*knotting ceremony

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