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Level 1 Testimonials

Katie Mullins: The Sacred Relationship retreat has changed my life and relationship with Travis forever. We went with the intention to respark the romance and and passion we had years earlier that faded in and out of our relationship, but were gifted so much more. By having a beautiful sacred container to dive deep into our relationship and ourselves, I felt I was reborn. For the first time in 10 years I was able to be completely open, raw, and honest...I finally felt honored, heard and loved for who I TRULY was and will never EVER forget that closing ceremony on the beach. I left the retreat with so much gratitude and more love than you can ever imagine for myself, my partner, and the journey of our relationship. I had been working on healing a big piece of myself for a long time, and this retreat was the final piece that freed me from that.


Serious, will Never. Ever. Forget...


So blessed to have been witnessed on the journey in Sisterhood. Their support allowed me to do the heart work I needed to do...


Much love to Anni and Tim for this gift they are sharing. Thank you so very much for supporting our journey and beyond and for creating this amazing healing experience...and of course the food was!


And so much respect for the boy who became a man that retreat, love you forever, so very proud of you...


Travis Mullins: You may not believe me if I told you this but the sacred relationship retreat at Venice beach changed my life forever. It was very difficult for me to pull off going to the retreat in general, I had to take multiple days off work. My boss was out of town and I had to make sure everything was perfect for when he got back. But I made it happen… This decision was difficult but it was the best decision I ever made. I came into the retreat with a completely open mind, my love and I had intentions of putting a new spark in our relationship but wow it was definitely much much more than that. The first day we arrived, I felt an ease that I had not felt in a long time. I put away my worries of work, career, and children and was able to focus solely on us and me. The house Anni and Tim chose was beautiful the smell of the beach and , the space felt amazing and the energy of the other couples was inspiring. I also had clarity that I had not had in a long time due to addictions that I had been carrying for many years and living in a lower vibrational state for so long. The first day was intense but the ease at which Anni and Tim facilitated our day was amazing and the insight and guidance they carried made it easier to transition to a higher vibrational state of being. It really made you take a look at yourself and our relationship. The fear release day the “climax” the turning point of the retreat was mind blowing. I had done fear releases in the past, but the vast beautiful ocean setting and the mens circle that Tim facilitated allowed me to really delve deep within my soul and release fears that I did not even know I had or could even release. I left the beach that day with a clarity and lighter soul that would allow me to understand and hold space for my love that I could never have done before. The third day was a processing day for me it flew by I felt as if I was not in my body, I had transcended into a new state of being and I was loving every minute of it. I did not ever want to leave this new place I had found within myself. This day setup the most epic day of the retreat, the ceremony to finalize the retreat process. The writing of the vows and the whole process lead up to this final day. My love and I released so much at the ceremony, I cannot even begin to describe in words the feelings that were felt that day. All I can say is it was life changing. I found a new deep, soul deep gratitude for my love that I had never knew existed. Our relationship from this day forward had changed into something new, and beautiful. The love we had gained for each other filled my very being which I am still only beginning to understand. I have deep gratitude for Anni and Tim I believe they have created a process that any couple no matter your circumstances could benefit. Ultimately, these retreats have the power to shift relationships into a new paradigm. Thank you again, Travis

Amanda Omoth: When the Sacred Relationship retreat began I had very high expectations. We registered for this retreat after reading testimonials from the first one raving that it was life changing. I was hopeful it would be the same experience for us, but knew that was a lot to ask. Together for 14 years and married for 7 and a half, it was easy to forget all the reasons why you fell in love with your spouse and instead focus on the every day stresses in life. We were no longer making each other a priority. Our home wasn't always the loving positive environment that it should be for our 3 year old daughter because we were not happy with what our relationship had become. I knew we needed a change in our lives and our relationship but did not know how to make that change. What we had tried in the past did not work, we were going in circles. During the 4 days with Anni and Tim ALL of my extremely high expectations were met and more! It is incredible how deep and meaningful every discussion, activity and moment was. We met 4 amazing couples who were willing to open up, connect with us and support us- the kind  of  support

you usually only  get  from  close friends or family you have known for years. At the retreat we worked through issues that have been negatively affecting our relationship for 10+years. This was made possible with the help of Anni and Tim in just a couple of days. We did individual meditations to find a better version of ourselves to bring to our relationship. One of the most powerful experiences was the women's circle on day two, made even better by the secluded beach we found at low tide. There were lots of emotions to experience and I felt completely understood and appreciated by all of the women. Each couple came back together that night with the most romantic outdoor candlelit dinner. I couldn't have asked for anything more out of the Sacred Relationship retreat! We got exactly what we needed. The villa was amazing- very private rooms and a beautiful pool where we spent almost all of our down time. Although we worked on so many things each day it was a very relaxing getaway. We were pampered with delicious meals, local entertainment, gifts, surprises and the company of new friends. It really was life changing and we got so much out of our time with these amazing people. I feel lighter and happier- what an awesome way to nourish my mind, heart, body and soul! We would love to go to another one!



Tim McGookey: I arrived at the Sacred Relationship retreat in Mexico with a fair degree of trepidation. Kate and I have had some bumps on the road that had completely erased any progress we had made toward a fully harmonious marriage. Right from the get-go, Anni and Tim helped change that. From the outset they mentioned the absolute need for openness to experiences and that is what I promised to myself. By following their guidance I was able to make a lot of realizations about myself and my shared life with Kate, both good and bad. In the environment of the men’s circle with Tim, I was able to grapple a bit with the behaviors I’ve introduced into my life that ultimately don’t serve me as much as I hoped they would. Through Tim and Anni’s mediation, Kate and I were able to lay some good groundwork for improving our marriage and raising it to an entirely new and wonderful level. Our spiritual divorce and recommitment were, in turn, nerve-wracking and fulfilling events. It was fantastic being able to propose to Kate once again under the stars, and hit on exactly the things we need to work on within that proposal. Time spent on the beach preparing my vows I found to be great for reflection and introspection. Kate and I had communicated where our hurts and desires were to one another, and I found it time to get to work on ways to address those wants and needs. Writing vows underneath the darkening sky with crashing waves in the background was a wonderfully meditative experience. The next day, returning to that same beach to recommit to one another was a delight. Where twelve hours earlier I had been searching my heart for words, I finally got the chance to express them to my love. We were welcomed as again spiritually married by the entire group and I felt my joy overflowing. Having the privilege to stand with the other couples and witness their promises to one another was a marvelous boon as well. We recommitted as a community. The other couples we met are fabulous people and I feel so enriched for having been able to journey with them in this experience and watch as each relationship achieved higher vibrations and became sacred in their own turn. I’m looking forward to any possible reunion. Kate and I have used the tools with which Anni and Tim have equipped us already. Where once I would race to a place of defensiveness and aggression, I’ve tried instead to respond to Kate with the highest amount of love I can give. By practicing the behaviors that we learned, I can easily see things getting even better each day with my love. To anyone contemplating on going on one of these retreats, I’d offer strong encouragement to go. Not only to go, but to be fully present. It’s worth it, I assure you. Thank you, Tim and Anni, for providing such a wonderful garden in which my relationship could grow and blossom.

Kate Ditzler: For me, the most transformative day of the retreat was the second day. First thing in the morning, each couple gave up their rings and put them into a healing, cleansing bath of rose water, vanilla, a rose quartz heart, and rose petals. Then we were given spiritual divorces -- our wrists were tied with red string, and then the connection between the bracelets were snipped by Tim Daulter, who proclaimed that we were spiritually divorced, and that our relationship as it had been before was ended. I was sad. We were in a less-than-ideal space, but I had, for the most part, been happy for the last 7 years. We retreated to a secluded beach, where the women and men separated to speak about our deep hurts and disappointments about our relationships. As a woman, I deeply appreciated the sisterhood in that circle, where we talked about how we were injured, and what we needed to heal and most importantly, what we needed from our partners. Each woman was given the circle's full attention, support, and love as they spoke. I remember talking about lack luster romance, and  Anni  looked  at  us  and  laughed  and  said,  "Just  wait  until

tonight, guys! Just wait!" Anni took our burdens and unpacked them for our partners, and Tim D. took the men's burdens and brought them to us. It was revelatory to hear what was going on deep in my Tim's heart, what was worrying him, his struggles with sexuality (even straight men struggle with sexuality!), his struggles with providing for our family, our plans for our future family. With Tim D. as a trusted confidant and messenger, I was able to learn important things about my beloved that he, too, was afraid to talk about. After we returned from the beach, Anni and Tim D. sent us all to our rooms to dress for dinner. When we were invited back, my Tim and I were led to a private dinner for the two of us. My God, Anni did an amazing job teaching my Tim to respond to my needs as a woman. My Tim made a new proposal to me -- to give me grounding, and boring routines, because they would be healing to both of us -- everything I've been telling him and asking him and asking him lately, but he hadn't seem he heard until Anni taught him how to listen. And the romance in the bedroom improved... by leaps and bounds. Seriously. You have no idea. Anni delivered with her promise to surprise us with how well our men would get the message. And while the second day was the transformation, the third day brought me the stark reality of fear. I realized, hearing my Tim promise me everything I wanted that I was hopeful but hesitant. I didn't want to be hurt again, I didn't want to be disappointed again. With the help of Anni and Tim D., I realized that I was missing an important part -- the work that I needed to put into the relationship. Because, yes, I am part of the relationship and part of the living bond between us. We released what we needed to release invidiually and as a couple. I decided that I needed to love my Tim unconditionally -- which, of course, is what Anni and Tim D. has been telling me I needed to do all along. I am so excited about our relationship practices, where we will work to raise our own personal vibrations (by validating ourselves to ourselves), raise the vibration of our partners (by giving them the love they deserve), and raise the vibration of the living bond between us (by actively giving attention to reversing habits and behaviors that drive us apart). I left Mexico full of love, ready to love into the future, to climb the ladder into ever higher vibrations. Everything from love, my dears. Ps -- If there is ever another retreat at la Hacienda Del Mar? You go there in a heart beat. Beautiful food, wonderful staff, luxurious beds.


Mario DiDanto: What struck me most about our retreat was not the depth of emotion I feel for the very one woman I desire beyond desire itself.. but what to do when all I'm left with is conflict/shame/grief/ or despair...without a guide or plan or perhaps a single which I can carve or repair the senseless 'thing' which hurt me (us) most. With the blunt wisdom of an Elder...eyes, one of an owl, the other of a hawk, and the grace of wind, I say that Tim And Anni served our relationship in ways only the Crone would know to do. We found the immeasurable strength and importance of communication...with help through our fellow tribesman and tribeswomen...the pow-wow and the mirror it truly is, revealing that "there but for the grace of God go I" I am not here alone...ever and never. I felt as though I went there alone, and came back with a posse and a full stomach...not knowing that I was not only hungry but starving the pit that only spirtit-food can reach. I can not think of a single couple that could not benefit 'beyond', by taking a Sacred Couple's Retreat. No one should ever...ever have to contemplate divorce... And when they do, before that day comes, may they be blessed with the help and guidance provided by Tim and Anni Daulter. Theres an old Italian saying that will now be lost in translation: Do not avoid the fire...for it is better to singe the hair, burn fingers and ones ass...twice, than to avoid the fire and burn the heart forever for It is in the fire that one finds her own heart.

Victoria Karalun: If you are in a long-term relationship, a Sacred Relationship retreat should be something you are planning to do. Soon! After being married for 10 years, daily monotony tends to take over and marriage is something to easily put on the back-burner while you work on parenting, career, or anything else you are involved with. This is where my marriage was when I said, "eh, why not" and went on the retreat. I had no idea what to expect, but if I think back, I probably expected that with everything else happening in my life, I would go through the retreat and get on back to my regular life. Wrong!! The deep level that this retreat took me to was at first shocking, and made me question whether or not I was ready to be there. I doubted that I would be in the right place to commit to the new vows I knew we'd be taking at the end. I expressed these concerns to Anni and she assured me that it was ok to follow my own process and to just be in it. Anni and Tim were both incredible. Having been on a few Sacred Pregnancy retreats before, I wasn't sure of how the dynamic would work with men being present, but I  was

so pleasantly surprised by how seamless the transition was and by how much the men added to the discussion. I learned a lot about how men think. Both Anni and Tim relate so well to both genders that it was never threatening to have Tim come into the women's circle, and of course Anni was her usual amazing self with the women. My husband felt a bonding with the men that is hard for him to come by in regular life. The rawness from everyone was beautiful. As a whole, the retreat was a great mix of hard work, romantic and indulgent dates (massages, starlit dinners), making new friendships, and fun! I felt like I was very pampered, and that helped me to continue putting myself into it mentally. The highlight for me was the vision quest. On day 3 of 4, I was feeling a lot of mental resistance, not able to sort through things in my mind or understand the direction I was taking. The vision quest involved 2 hours of creating your own sacred space and then meditating and writing vows for the next day. I meditated for a full hour in front of a beautiful view and came to a lot of understandings about myself. Everything from the retreat clicked into place; I instantly knew what to write in my vows and I was ready to speak them. Those 2 hours stand out as truly transformative in my life. The vow renewal at the end of the retreat was beautiful. Five couples had their relationships strengthened and were truly ready to renew their love in new ways. I personally never felt an emotional connection to my initial wedding, 10 years ago, and felt like I was given a chance to create something very meaningful. Most people there I had never met a week earlier, but we had grown so much together that it was perfect to have them there. I felt so deeply connected to my vows and to my husband. I now put a priority on my marriage and intend to give it the time and dedication I give to other areas of my life. This retreat has forever changed the direction of my life and has given our marriage a depth I don't believe would have been achieved otherwise.



Tnah Louise: Dear Anni & Tim, Thank you for all the gifts you impart with the world! The Sacred Relationship Retreat you and your beloved Tim Daulter have created has me living in a place of such gratitude and deep love. Just like with the work you have created with Sacred Pregnancy ( which is also very dear to my heart) you ask us to bring our true, raw and vulnerable selves to the circle. You create meaningful work for us to delve deep into our own individual internal wells. Rather then posing to know all the answers, you and Tim ask each of us as a couple to look honestly at our relationships, commit to hearing one another no matter how painful or defensive we may want to be.... and all in the loving space of other couples who are willing to share space and do the work! Because Mario and I have gone to therapy for the entire length of our 14 year marriage, I can say from experience the work involved on a Sacred Relationship Retreat far exceeds a two year span of any alternative couples work that I have encountered. You created something so empowering, I now have practical tools to take into my busy day to day life and continue to connect deeply with my beloved- through thick and thin I am fully committed to this new daily practice. For any women who think their partners would NEVER partake in something like this, please read my husband Mario's testimony..... he too was very unsure about any of this!

Michael Karalun: The Sacred Relationship retreat was one of the most amazing, life-changing experiences I've ever had. I went in ready to change the way I look at my marriage and act within it but I've never had the tools and guidance to put into place what needs to be done to make that deeper connection. Anni and Tim gave me that but they also brought more to my life than I ever could have expected. I didn't know what was going to happen when I embarked on this journey but I knew I needed and wanted to put in my all. Anni and Tim quickly gained all of our trust which made it easy for all of us to really get into the work at hand to make better marriages. Sometimes the tasks were very challenging to my thoughts and ideas but they managed to explain them and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and sharing. As a man, I know it's harder for us to express ourselves, especially when it comes to deeper issues. It's a testament to the men who showed up and really put themselves out there as well as the trust that was created that helped us all bring our best selves forward. I am a changed man from the sharing and release

work we accomplished. I've honestly been hung up on some issues for so long I didn't know what to do. No amount of help has ever done as much as this retreat did for me. Anni and Tim also helped me tap into a spiritual self I was trying to attain. I feel stronger in myself and able to appreciate so much more in life because of this. The couples work was so well designed and executed by them because all the couples have a stronger, more beautiful love. You could see the change throughout the week in everybody. Each couple were given the chance to communicate their needs, wants, fears, hopes, and problems in a safe environment. We all got to look within ourselves and each other to truly decide what commitments we were ready to make to each other. The vision quest was an opportunity to create your own sacred space to contemplate these commitments and write the vows we were prepared to take the next day. It wasn't all work though. We were pampered with delicious meals, couples massages, and the most beautiful, romantic candlelit dinner under the stars. There was plenty of relax time and couple time. The group often got together to enjoy talking about their days and lives on the deck or around the pool as well. The culmination of the week was a gorgeous renewal ceremony at the beach. Tim and Anni created a breathtaking scene which I'll never forget. Every couple was celebrating each other in our separate ceremonies. We were all in it for each other. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to share this experience with. I'm eternally grateful to Anni and Tim for making this possible. I had fun. I worked. I learned more about my wife and myself. Most of all I came back with a stronger, deeper, more connected and meaningful relationship with my wife.



Jeff Gilley: When my wife asked me to go on the retreat with her, I was skeptical, but figured it would be a good chance for us to get away before the birth of our second daughter. Now that it is over, I can say with certainty that I am a changed man, and feel closer to my wife than I ever have. This retreat has allowed us to connect with each other in ways we never had and will serve as a jumping-off point for the rest of our lives. Thank you Anni and Tim for your vision, dedication, and attention to detail. You have helped bring a new vibrancy to our relationship and allowed us to chart a path forward.

Dan Dorsett: When my wife, Jenn, returned home from her first Sacred Pregnancy retreat this past spring she immediately began clamoring for us to attend the Sacred Relationship retreat together in Paris.  I was a bit skeptical, but intrigued, I began to see changes in Jenn that I liked.  She was more positive, more driven to be impactful in her life and she was reveling in her fellowship with other Sacred participants – I saw daily proof through my wife that there was something substantial to be found within the Sacred community. Now two weeks removed from having attended the Sacred Relationship retreat in Paris with my wife, I can say that it was one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences that my wife and I have had together.  It was four days of my wife and I taking the time to talk to each other – free from the daily stresses of our lives – to reconnect and to focus together on how we want our marriage and lives to move forward.  We were given tools and practices to help us stay connected and improve the quality of our

lives, careers and relationships, and we met and bonded with other amazing couples from around the globe who we will remain friends with for years to come.  Plus, we got to see Paris! Both Anni and Tim are genuine, caring, passionate and examples to the benefits of living the practices they present.  I would highly recommend attending a Sacred Relationship retreat to any couple out there who want to get more out of their lives together.


Jennifer Bruce-Dorsett: Refresh, renewal, reconnecting, restarting, recreating.  My husband Dan and I went to Paris and found all this and so much more.  After an exceptionally hard year of unexpected personal loss we needed to refresh our connection to each other.  Our relationship and love was strengthened, renewed  and taken to a higher vibration.  We reconnected and restarted our love for one another. We recreated the acts that we used to do and renewed our promise to each other. The daily practices we took away from the Sacred Relationship retreat reconnected us daily and our love grows deeper and at a higher vibration because of this. Anni and Tim have created a wonderful environment that was safe to share everyday trials and the bigger picture and find a better practice to deal with those stressors in life. If you have a chance, whatever state your relationship may be in, go to this retreat, you will be forever changed for the better.  The retreat will strip you, clear you out, and build you up in the most gentle way possible. It will give you a new perspective of your partner and of life. You will form a deep connection with other couples that will support you in your journey. Thank you Anni and Tim and the other couples for being loving and supportive of us and our journey.

Jacqueline Pace Vincent: The Sacred Relationship Retreat was the most amazing, healing and transformative experience I’ve ever had with my husband and maybe ever in my life. After years of growing farther and farther apart and several failed attempts at trying to get him to agree to go on a retreat with me, we finally made it to Venice Beach with Anni, Tim and 3 other amazing couples. From the moment we left our home, I knew we wouldn’t be returning as the same couple we were when we left. This was either going to make us or break us. We both had some major healing to do with our relationship, we had been to counseling several times without any positive or lasting results. From the very first day of the retreat, we healed so much more than we ever had with counseling. We grew so close with the teachings of Anni and Tim and the supportive, safe and loving environment they created. Each day was like stripping another layer away from the walls we had built up and each day we fell more deeply in love, more than ever. We were able to see the beauty in our love again and it became fresh  and  renewed  with  a  new  perspective  and  a  new

light. We were given amazing practices to incorporate into our daily lives to ensure the high vibration we reached at the retreat would last and continue. We were able to get real and honest, which isn’t always easy, but Anni and Tim created a safe place for every piece of our process, and they welcomed all of it with love and incredible empathy. Experiencing this with the other couples was also a huge part of the healing process. Their stories, support and vulnerability helped inspire us to grow and learn and they all acted as a mirror to us and our relationship. Anni and Tim have a gift like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. They are the most loving, genuine and compassionate people, they created such a comfortable container of love, trust, support and understanding. Not only did we heal our relationship, we also worked on healing ourselves. We were asked to look within and release any hurt, fear or trauma that was holding us back from living in our highest state, in turn enabling us to be a stronger partner in our relationship. Everything was so beautiful and romantic and carefully thought out with love, care, beauty and reverence. Anni with her amazing beautiful, joyful, loving and kind presence and Tim with his wisdom, strength, charisma and enormous heart. The level of passion, love, thoughtfulness and care that was put into this experience by Anni and Tim was what made it so easy to delve into the healing process with no holding back. We were able to show up, crack open our hearts and discover so many things about ourselves. I was so amazed to see the positive transformation in my husband! He was a completely changed person from the day we arrived, to the day we left!  Since being home, our lives have extremely improved. We have continued the practices we were given and we have been growing closer and closer every day. Everyone in our lives has seen and benefited from this change, especially our amazing children, who deserve to see their parents in LOVE. The entire experience was such a gift and I highly recommend these retreats to anyone at any stage in their relationship! Our only regret is that we didn’t go sooner! This is the best thing we’ve ever done for ourselves, it was completely life changing and we’ll hold it dear in our hearts for the rest of our lives because of what it did for us! Anni and Tim, thank you, thank you, thank you! We are forever grateful to you both for this amazing gift you’ve given us! We are forever changed in the best way possible!



Cedric McSween: Well .... it really took some time for me to process everything that took place for Kathy and I at the Sacred relationship retreat but it was well worth it. She shared with me what to expect earlier so I had no preconceived notions about what was in store for us but knew it would be a great experience.


Initially, we were all just social acquaintances but something magical happened to all of us..... our spiritual family was born. We have Anni and Tim to thank for that !!!

From the moment we arrived I could feel the warmed, high vibration energy from both of them. Kathy said I would love them and she was certainly right !!!


Each day created a self discovery of my higher self while learning to heal from the past and embrace the lessons learned. The daily exercises allowed me to learn more about myself and my wonderful relationship with my beloved. We expressed our thoughts and feelings free of blame or consequences yet listening carefully to each other with love and respect. I felt the healing process begin for me along with everyone there as the walls of fear were slowly coming down with each passing day. It was simply amazing to feel and watch the transformation within all of us.


Personally, it validated that my beloved and I are truly on the right path and our journey is destined for great things. She is my CALM and I am her HOME I also realized that regardless of everyone's age and background we're on this journey of self discovery and healing together. To our new spiritual family Hank & Jackie, Aaron & Sue and Travis & Katie it was remarkable and surreal to be together. They moved me in so many ways and I am eternally grateful.


There is an old saying in the business world ..... "We don't know what we don't know". This became more apparent by my willingness to learn more about myself as a man, lover, father, grand-father and sibling. I'm truly humbled and will never forget the emotionally uplifting experience.

To my beloved Kathy, I truly thank her for being the strong, beautiful, intuitive woman and for knowing this retreat would give me the key to open the next door of our wonderful journey. A journey that has never been more clear.


Lastly, the time spent at the retreat was invaluable and I would highly recommend all couples attend regardless of their circumstances. Be the advocate for change if change is needed. Authenticity in ourselves and our relationship is what we should all strive for.


Thanks again Anni & Tim. You are very precious and we love you dearly. Success to you always.

Kathy Bruer: From the first days of our relationship I instinctively knew I had met the life partner my heart & soul had yearned for all my life. At 56 years of age I was finally "home". We have traveled down different, yet similar roads in our respective marriages of 25 & 33 years. We have spend countless hours talking & have relished the opportunity to sit down together, throw our masks aside & sharing not just our joys but our shadows freely. Having been divorced for some seven years now, my path of healing & self discovery is farther along than that of my Cedric, who is only several years into the process. He lovingly say that he is only a "Sophomore" on his journey & I am a "Senior". 


Although he is remarkable at owning & admitting his personal issues, he has struggled with fully releasing repressed anger & grief after years of accumulated feelings. Neither of us is willing to settle for mediocrity in our newfound relationship & I knew in my heart that a Sacred Relationship Retreat would take us to our path of greatness. My life crossed paths with Anni &  Tim's  2 1/2  years  ago

as Anni began sharing her Sacred Movement. I was in awe as I witnessed my daughter & 24 other women be skillfully guided & lovingly supported on a journey of self revealing & release to begin their path of living a truly authentic life. 


I knew the Sacred Relationship experience was the key to taking my Beloved Cedric & I to the level of awareness we both desire. I WAS NOT disappointed! 


Anni & Tim created a safe environment for all of us to sit down together & share our own personal truths & confront accumulated relationship struggles. I am so proud of everyones shared willingness to become conscious & vulnerable~ to no longer be willing to distort our truths & bury our feelings but instead to reveal & work through the personal & relationship obstacles that have kept us from a path of wholeness. Eye to eye, heart to heart we engaged in practices essential to lifting both our personal & relationship energy to a higher level. 


Practices we have continued & can easily develop & integrate into our daily busy lives. This experience took my Beloved & I's already GREAT relationship to a whole new level. 


Anni & Tim ~ I am honored to know & love you both. Keep throwing your pebbles of wisdom in the pond because the ripple effect will change the world. Sue & Aaron, Katie & Travis, Jackie & Hank ~ Thank you for having the courage to tossing your disguises aside & share your vulnerabilities. Your heartfelt authenticity moved us from what began as a room full of strangers to a Sacred Family. You will forever hold a special place in my heart & should you ever loose your footing or should I loose mine, there is comfort in knowing we have our Sacred Family to turn to. 


My Beloved Cedric ~ I am grateful to be with such an intriguing man, willing to sheds his amour & walk beside me in this lifetime with awareness, consciousness & appreciation. I vow to honor you until my very last breath.


Hank Vincent: Sacred Relationship is a powerful couples retreat rooted in spirituality. Anni and Tim are attentive and hospitable. They create a comfortable and judgment free space. The Sacred Relationship retreat benefits self, couple, family and community. Group sessions were intimate and practical. Anni and Tim led candid and necessary conversations. Their approach was sensible, compassionate and enlightening.


Sacred Relationship guided our marriage in a more positive direction. The suggested practices are easily enacted, fundamental and essential. Practices proved to be ground work for healing, reconnecting and then flourishing in our relationship. Furthermore these same basic practices have become tools used to continue reconnecting as we move forward.


Praise to Tim and Anni Daulter for creating a retreat that brings couples closer together.

Angie Falk: When Sacred Relationship Canada was being offered and only four hours away from my home, I got really excited! Having been to a Sacred Postpartum Retreat one year previous, leaving with such fulfilment, and inspiration to live as my authentic self, I knew that this would open my husband and I to new potentials... a place where we would never reach on our own without having focussed guidance.


I mentioned the retreat to my husband who was greatly opposed to the idea. He thought it was absurd to spend so much for a four day holiday and added “We don't NEED that anyways”. Ok, I thought... and then booked it anyhow a couple of hours later. I knew we needed it, everyone no matter their circumstance would benefit from it...


Steven and I have been married for ten years. We had never honeymooned or gone away for weekend getaways... Getting

ready to leave for Golden was so exciting, it was going to change my relationship, it was going to change Steven. We were going to be romantic, make love in our tipi and all was going to be just so.


We arrived that evening feeling intimidated and vulnerable as we entered the lodge, like stepping into the unknown, knowing that there was no going back and big change was inevitable... 


The heart to heart check in cracked me wide open, absolutely everything that I had been harbouring, hiding, burying came up to the surface. I didn't want to have to really look too hard at myself, I was there for change, but had the diffusional expectation that it would be Steven and us without me really looking at my shit... HA! I would like to say that it is hard to look within and really see it for what it is, however doing it at SR holds you accountable within a safe circle of love and acceptance... there is no wrong or right, just what is and what works and what does not. Using Sacred Path Card wisdom from  ancient traditions as well as other practices I was able to gain insight to realize my desires and see where I needed to change in order for my life to play-out in the manner I yearned for. 


Anni & Tim shared with us many exercises both individual and cooperative, leaving us with the tools to effectively communicate with love and high vibration. When I say high vibration, I mean keeping in positive spirits so to speak. Tim taught us a lot about high vibrational living and ways to manifest and bring forth a higher vibrational life. We both feel these daily and weekly practices has impacted our relationship in a big way. We can no longer stay mad or harbour negative feelings, because we have been shown another way to communicate, a change of perception of high vibrational living...


So we didn't make love as much as I had hoped for, it wasn't all romantic and lovey at all times, it was uncomfortable in moments, I felt great sadness & and anger towards my husband while doing some practices and it was ALL worth it, every moment! I wouldn't trade it in for that shallow lovey dovey holiday ever! The beauty that was created in every practice and in every moment is truly sensational making it easier to go beyond the surface so that every day can feel like that lovey dovey holiday truly, with depth. I can honestly say there has been more romance, love making and true self expression in the past couple of months since our retreat, than in the past several years. We are both so grateful to have had the Sacred Relationship Experience & look forward to experiencing the SR Tantra Retreat in the future... (which is Steven's idea by the way)


In Gratitude for all that you share with the world Anni & Tim.


Steven Hurst: It's been several weeks now since my wife and I returned from the Golden Sacred Relationship Retreat and I must say that the positive reverberations from that experience are still being felt every time we think of it. When we came back to our busy lives we were chalk full of optimism and love and this feeling was really nice. This time reminded me of getting married 10 years ago and actually the retreat became like the honeymoon we never allowed ourselves to have because we were always so busy. These memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives.


What happend a couple of weeks afterwards however was unexpected. I had made some drastic changes that I had been intending for a long time and was re-inspired to make at the retreat but the difficulty that the changes evoked from my bodys resistance seemed to lock me into a state of heavy depression and no matter how well things were on the surface I just couldn't make myself feel happy. This experience reminded me of past times in my life where I felt this way, so I delved back into some reading to see if I could shed new light on the matter. What I discovered was that I had been hanging on to notions of what I thought needed to happen in order for the right opportunities to present themselves. Being an impatient person and wanting things to happen all at once I had failed to see how things were unfolding as they were supposed to. So rather than dwelling on my failed attempts I just had to keep up my spirit and keep going and trusting that things would work out.


In the days leading up to the retreat I can honestly say that I thought that we were making a mistake. It seemed like a big investment of time and money and I wasn't certain it would help us work through our problems and maybe we would work them out some other way (my typical procrastination defaut mode kicking in.) Once we arrived however and we met Annie and Tim and began to see and feel how the program was structured I realized that we desperately needed the sacredness back in our lives and had made the right move. After day one I was stoked to keep going in anticipation of what might come next as the exercices seemed to be cracking us open and revealing the juciness that we hadn't seen for a while. By the end my wife and I had worked through some heavy stuff that had been on the backburner for years just simmering away unresolved. We left feeling lighter than ever. We now have specific tools and exercises we can use to keep our relationship strong and sacred. My message to husbands who are hestitant is to trust your wives and dive in, you won't regret it: it'll likely be the best investment you ever make. Thank you Annie and Tim, you are an ispiration. See you next spring.

Nova Rhodes Cox: So…it feels different. Everything feels different since coming back from the Sacred Relationship retreat. I want to squat more into what my four-year-old has to say. I want to hold on a little longer when my beloved kisses me goodbye. I want to take time and thank my creator for today’s gifts and those about which I still know nothing.


The Texas heat feels like a reminder to relax in a cool pool of water. The incessant emails remind me that people need to hear from me and know I’m still alive. The Saturday night gathering with friends gives me an opportunity to share why it’s important to speak in an uplifting way about my beloved. It’s just different. I can’t go back to the way I was before the retreat. I am a new me. I am a new decision. I choose how to engage my beloved, love my children, deal with laundry.


It feels so different…to go back to work, knowing I have a mission

to fulfill that ALSO fills my cups while teaching tools of empowerment. BUT, I have a balance to carry as I make my way through the professional world and my family life. The two worlds cannot be divided. I am integrated into all of it. Without balance, there is no sanctuary. Either balance exists or dystopia. I choose the balance and the boundaries.


I get to choose the place in my heart from which love springs forth. I choose the vibration that sets to tempo of the day. Less than a week from the end of our retreat and the world looks different, feels different, and sounds different. The unfolding that happens at the retreat is perhaps (in the least) uncomfortable at times, but it is never unnatural. What it IS, though, is a way challenge yourself in becoming more fully human.


Will it remain different? Can it? I hope so. I hope with all the magical salts we conjured up together, the intentions of abundance, change, and actualization that the opportunities and possibilities birthed from Sacred Relationship continue to develop. It was just TOO magical to settle for anything less.


Aaron Shipway: My wife and I recently attended the Sacred Relationship retreat in Golden, BC. Going in to the retreat I didn't know what the experience was going to be like or if we were going to get anything out of it. I'm a pretty down to earth guy and some of the impressions i was getting from my wife were pretty metaphysical. Most of the male partners expressed that in order to get them there that they had been either coerced or dragged or both. After a few days of honesty, intentional expression and a little bit of magic every person in attendance was so grateful that they came. I learned a lot over those few days. I learned that you don't need to know what a chakra is to get something out of this retreat. You don't need to know what different crystals are used for or meditate regularly or be a hippie to get something out of this retreat. All you need is a sincere desire to feel closer to your partner and the willingness to put forth a little bit of effort to do so. Come to the retreat with those two things and an open mind and you will leave with a stronger, healthier, sexier and more loving relationship than you arrived with.

Janice Lim Hing: My Beloved and I have been together for 18 years, there was a lot of pain, fear, anger, sadness, resentment and broken hearts along the way. We grew apart and like so many people we didn't know how to communicate and connect with each other anymore. We’ve been in marriage counselling and family therapy for the last 10 years and felt like we were going in circles, and as the dates for Golden approached, I knew that it was now or never. Saying yes to Sacred Relationship retreat in Golden BC was mine and my Beloved's first step to healing together. Anni and Tim created a safe space for us to be open and authentic. The activities and advice were powerful and pushed our relationship to go deeper into meaningful thought and discussions, at the same time it allowed us to work together to build a foundation for a stronger connection within ourselves and with our Beloved. “Be in love” was one of the many powerful messages that I received. It had been far too long since I had allowed myself and my heart to fully be open and be in love. It didn't take long for the experiences to break down the wall I spent so many years building.  The  magic

and friendships that we forged will forever be etched in my heart. Saying YES to a Sacred Relationship has transformed our marriage in so many ways. Being in Golden has changed me . . . I am In love with myself. In love with our children. In love with life. In love with the present. And more In love with my Beloved than I could have ever imagined.


Nici Shipway: Going to a sacred relationship retreat was the best thing we could have done to feed the soul of our love.


My husband Aaron and I have been married for 4 years (today!). We were in a good place in our relationship, but with having kids and craziness happening in our life we were not spending time working on us. I told him about sacred relationship and he was a little hesitant, but was willing because he understood how much sacred pregnancy has changed my life and although it's not exactly his "thing" he agreed to go. Getting there was a bit of an adventure but we took it as a challenge and pursued.


The retreat itself was amazing. I loved the way Anni and Tim facilitated, always with open ears and hearts. They created a safe and sacred space which made everyone feel comfortable and welcome. One of the parts that I loved best was the fact that everyone there was so open and honest. It was a testament to their desire to make their relationship the best it could be, which made it feel so much more powerful. It allowed me to learn from other couples as well. Of course I have to send a shout out to the incredibly strong woman I got to spend time with. They lifted me up and inspired me so much. The guys were pretty rad too! watching everyone get more and more comfortable in their own skin and with their loves was incredible to witness.


While being away from the kids was hard, it was so great to just be there for one another. I also got to spend some time on myself which was also very refreshing.


We shed many tears, had lots of laughs, kissed more than we had in years, and for one of the first times I felt like we were both on the same level with our love and desires. We learned about each others love languages, made promises to one another and decided we wanted out relationship to be sacred.


Since being home we obviously need to get back to the grind but we make a little time every day to focus on our each other. I feel more loved than ever. We got tattoos to honour this time together which we will also use as a reminder about the promises we made. I would recommend a sacred relationship retreat to anyone in any point in their relationship. I'm so thankful we got to attend.

Liz Baer Flowers: I went into the retreat sort of skeptical...trepidatious...and really nervous but left incredibly light, inspired and full of hope. It's hard to convey the experience in words. Its so experiential...almost magical, really. I am full of gratitude for all that Tim and Anni offered us on the retreat. It was truly an escape of sorts...a break from the stresses and distractions of life that provided us with an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves and lean in to the acts of rekindling, reconnecting and reclaiming our sacred relationship. There was a lot of heart work that took place which didn't always feel great but Tim and Anni always made it feel natural and right. They create a beautiful environment that feels safe, honest, nurturing and real. In turn, I felt inspired and eager to show up and do my part to be my authentic highest self. I was beyond impressed with the care, energy and details that were considered in bringing our retreat to life. Every part of each day was so thoughtful and each exercise was so beautiful yet the take-aways were practical. My love and I have implemented so many of the techniques that Tim and Anni shared with us and it's been incredibly impactful for us. Our love is brighter, truer and more intentional than it ever has been. I am incredibly thankful to Tim and Anni for loving us...lifting us, and ultimately enlightening us. I am forever grateful...

Brad Rees: I had such an incredible and life changing time on Santorini. Tim and Anni sought the direction of the Divine and brought each of us to the perfect space needed to experience the Universal energy firsthand. The Sacred Relationship Level 1 was much more than an event – it was a gathering of self, of partners, of friends, of the clans and tribes. The uplifting energy and transformational elements experienced during this retreat has laid new cornerstones for me and my wife to build upon.


I didn’t truly know what to expect during the retreat but soon realized that any preconceived notion or assumption I would have come with would have fallen far short of everything we ultimately experienced. Personal introspection, group growth, and partner prosperity are only the surface elements that came from this incredible event. The intense energy of the Universe and the sense of oneness were overwhelming and, more so, so truly welcomed. Being able to break through the haze in order to shed the shackles of fear and the need for control has ushered in a new age for me personally, for my beautiful wife, and for our marriage.


The sea swim and cliff jumping were genuinely inspiring. Everyone confronted and conquered some fear, some demon. While the Aegean gave us some sense of weightlessness, it was the acts of jumping fearlessly that took the greatest weight off our shoulders and away from our souls. To attempt to capture every nuanced aspect of this retreat is fleeting. There are too many positive, inspirational, and life-changing facets of this retreat that transcend words. It was incredible.

Austin Rees: I knew ever since Anni announced in February 2015 she was hosting a SR retreat in Santorini, Greece, that my husband, Brad, and I would attend THIS retreat.  Here was a chance for Brad to experience a SLM retreat and see and feel the magic they create in a stunning location. I have attended and facilitated SLM retreats, and knew their supportive power.  But before landing on the gorgeous Greek island, I was anxious not knowing what to expect through the activities we were about to experience.  However, instead of feeling apprehensive when we landed, I was greeted by Anni and Tim, and felt completely cared for and secure in our lavish, temporary, home. The distinctive retreat activities were powerful and propelled me to make the shift I needed for myself and for my relationship with Brad. Then, there was the majestic beauty of Santorini. It created a luxurious backdrop for the transformation and deep work we explored. The unique landscape created many walking meditation opportunities, and pushed me physically with its remarkable terrain. My favorite part of the retreat was something I never thought  I  would  commit  to  experiencing

before the retreat. Anni and Tim led us down to the Amoudi Bay where we met our fears up close and choose to release them through swimming in the sea, climbing up a cliff, and jumping. I jumped off a cliff, into the Aegean sea. Nothing my logical mind could conceive before this retreat. But, I left those fears behind me and now life is divided by before and after jumping off the Amoudi Bay cliff.  Thank you Anni and Tim for creating and holding the space for me to boldly look within and make a transformation with tangible tools. If you are in a relationship and you want to reconnect, explore your future, contemplate your options, or escalate it to the next level, THIS is for you! Sacred Relationship level 1 creates the space, the tools, the support, and backdrop for you to do just that.  Take that bold jump and treat yourself, your partner, and ultimately your family to this experience, this retreat. With love and deep gratitude.


Chris Miltsch: Words alone cannot say enough about what your Sacred Relationship retreat has done for my wife, our relationship, and me. We had been to a marriage boot camp about 5 years ago, but that did not seem to be effective in truly resolving our internal personal issues or finding that intense level of deep connection we have been yearning for from each other. Your spiritual take on getting in touch with the universe was enlightening and just what we needed to really focus on and bring out the true love we have together.


From the unique personal and relationship exercises, exploring nature at a beautiful place, and learning to live the meaning of the mantra "What would love do?", I was able to hone in on several personal issues. Addressing those I was able to see myself through the eyes of my beloved, and realized that all of her yearnings and desires to feel a deeper and closer connection with me were actually valid. I can truly say that I was open to the experience of attending the retreat, but never in a million years felt like I would walk away a changed man. Our experience was absolutely life changing and is giving us a chance to reconnect and on a level that is higher than I ever imagined possible.


Thank you from my open and warm heart. You have given me the tools to view life and my relationship with my love in a new and invigorated way. I look forward to attending more retreats with you in the future. I am honored to have you as part of my new tribe.

Kara Miltsch: The Sacred Relationship Level 1 Retreat in Santorini Greece was not the first type of marriage retreat that my husband and I have been on, but by far the most effective! We both went knowing that this was our last effort to reconnect, we just didn't know how deeply connected we were going to come out on the other side. When I first arrived, I never in a million years would have ever believed that four days later and during the rest of our trip/vacation we felt as if we first fell in love, but so much better. For my husband, he was able to let go of alcohol, which was a huge part of his life and a huge part of the destruction of our marriage. He opened himself up so much that it truly surprised me and made me see him in a completely new light. He would never have opened himself so completely if it weren't for Anni and Tim and their endless compassion. It was also with their love and support that I finally realized that I had lost a huge piece of me during my marriage. I  had  sacrificed  so  much  of myself for my relationship

with both my husband and for my children, that I felt incomplete and a shell of my former self. Under their insight, I have found myself again, and have the confidence to venture out and actually live life rather than to just exist in survival-mode, which is what I had been doing for so long. Now that we are back, our children see the difference in us, and that is an unexpected gift!


Anni and Tim are two of the most supportive and uplifting people I know. They know very well how to cut through everything and help you find the underlying problem that is the constant theme of why your relationship is not working, and also what you truly need for you. Anni and Tim arm you with so many tools to keep you centered in positive love, and help you keep on that track. They encourage you to release the negative in order to free your heart to live fully in love, and that is a huge weight that just is gone!


There is a large amount of this experience that is left unsaid, only because it is truly difficult to put it to words the intense emotions and effect they fully understand, you have to experience it for yourself. Do not doubt, just go! I promise you - you will be glad you did and you will totally understand how profound this experience will be for you, as it was for us.


We are indebted to Anni and Tim for saving us, individually, and also our marriage.


Mark Scott: What can I say about my experience with Sacred Relationship? I connected more with Terry in 4 days than I have in 6 years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect and I knew I was stepping out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to show up for Terry because I love her so much (and a trip to Santorini is pretty nice too right?!). Throughout our relationship, I thought I was doing and saying the right things, but Terry would always tell me she wanted to feel more emotionally connected with me. I would think, "Great, now what do I need to do to make that happen?" Needless to say, I kept falling short. Like most guys, I am a doer and felt like I needed to figure that out. Over the course of Sacred Relationship, not only did we get the connection we needed, but I now have an abundance of resources and practices I can use that will keep that connection alive every single day!

I also have to thank you for the personal work we did. I came into this thinking we would only be working on the relationship. It makes so much sense that if there is anything holding us back individually, we can't experience the relationship we desire with anyone! Thank you so much for helping me identify and release what has been bringing me down from my true self. I felt lighter the instant I let go of it all! Now, I not only have a better relationship with Terry, but our children have even noticed the difference!

You guys went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. From the amazing accommodations, to your selfless hard-work, to your persistent investment in helping us create a life we love, you made our time together nothing short of magical!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I'm so excited to be starting this new journey in my life!

Adrian van Osch: Tim Daulter and Anni Daulter, Thanks you so much for being here for couples like Sally and myself. Before the Boulder Sacred Relations retreat I had no idea what to expect. I knew that Sally and I needed help to allow us to feel and express the love that we have for each other. You gave us the opportunity to really open up to each other and to empathize with with our mate. The bridge visualization was especially powerful for me. Sally and I have been able to shed 30 plus years of baggage that was bringing our relationship to a very low level. By the end of the weekend, when we said our vows to each other, we were truly a newer, stronger couple than we ever had been. Sharing this retreat with Chris & Gabby, Phil & Chamein, Landon & Jess, plus Esther & Peter was great!These couples created a synergy of loving and caring that I think will help us all. Thanks to all of you!

Sally van Osch: What can I say to describe the lack of feeling that I had for my marriage? I was ready to get a divorce and go out on my own, no matter how hard, because I was tired of no joy, no excitement, and no sex! from the moment we started with Tim Daulter And Anni Daulter at Sacred Relationships retreat in Boulder, I felt held and supported, no matter what the end result was. With such honesty and intuition, Adrian and I were led to look not only at our marriage, but more importantly, at ourselves. Wow, that mirror can be a harsh learning tool! We laughed, cried, shouted, cried, sobbed, went silent and worked our asses off to climb out of our dark place. All the time lovingly supported by the other couples and of course, Anni and Tim. The girl's time with Tim was eye-opening. We came to such a huge decision to stay together and I wasn't expecting that! We are on the right path, continuing to do all the sacred work we learned, and a few other "fun" things too. No words can convey our gratitude for this experience. Every couple could benefit in some way from doing this Sacred Relationships retreat With Tim and Anni Daulter. We will be going to level two next year!

Sarah Joy Dexter: It has taken me a while to find words and stop from being completely speechless about my experience at Sacred Relationship. I went in knowing a great deal about what to expect and even then, this retreat completely surpassed ALL of my expectations and left me stunned at the transformation my husband and I were able to achieve with the guidance of Anni and Tim and the support of the other couples.

It took A LOT of convincing to get my husband there. We both knew it would be outside of his comfort zone (and he's an introvert to boot), but most of the shock and awe I experienced from the retreat was from witnessing my man completely blossom and shift before my eyes. It was so beautiful to be a part of. We both were able to delve into the depths of our relationship, fearlessly facing the things that needed attention, and come together in deep love and connection more than ever before in our 15 years together. I cannot express enough how good that feels.

Anni and Tim have a natural and authentic way of safely leading the couples down the path toward a sacred relationship. They know how to hold space, how to support, how to laugh and share, how to hold the tough stuff. Our stories were safe in the circle they created.

The relationships that were formed and strengthened are so precious to us and we will never forget our week on Vancouver Island, it was the best investment we have ever made!

Can't wait to attend a level two retreat!

Thank you Anni and Tim for bravely and humbly creating this gift for all couples! Xo

Sandra Catania: To say that my relationship with my husband of almost ten years was on shaky ground for the past few months of this year would be a major understatement. Years of different kinds of stress, raising a young family, sleep deprivation, etc. had taken their toll. Thankfully, we found the Sacred Relationship retreat and both made the commitment to go and give it an honest and open try. What we experienced in the five days with Anni and Tim blew both of us away completely. 


We were able to connect and communicate on such a deep level of love and mutual understanding. We were empowered in a safe and trusting environment to reach down deep and release all of the blocks that were getting in the way of our sacred union. We were taught new tools and practices to put into place into our lives to inject them with happiness, beauty and joy, daily. I highly recommend this retreat for any couple, old or new, to help them to find the path to a sacred relationship with their chosen life partner. It has benefitted and enriched our lives and the lives of those close to us in so many ways. I am so grateful.

Lacey Nedjelski: Sacred relationship truly saved my marriage. Before attending I was sure that this was our last ditch attempt to make things work. To deepen our love, to learn to communicate better and to help synchronize our souls once again. Having five kids in a short amount of time really strained us and made us lose sight of each other and us as people. This was the first time in 7 years that we were able to get away together, alone. And it was so worth it.


I didn't really know what to expect when we went, I've been to Anni's retreats so I knew that magic was going to happen, but how much magic..I was so unaware. This retreat far surpassed any expectation I had in my head. It left me feeling whole again. It left me feeling like I felt when Christian and I first started dating. It cleared the fog that was obstructing my view of him as a person. It made me fall head over heels in love again with the man I chose to spend my life with.

Naturally, things came up while we were there. And not the things that I was expecting. I honestly thought that we were there to fix Christian - boy was I wrong!! Anni really helped me to dig deep and see the real issues at hand. As much as I blamed Christian for lacking communication skills, I am just as bad - if not worse. My heart was so guarded for so many years and Anni helped to soften that, to let Christian in and see me for me. My love for him has grown so much, I see the real him and not just a dad. The connection we have now has deepened in so many ways. I honestly couldn't be happier.


The things we learned have been so helpful, it's let us really sit back and look at our life and what it is we want, we are now on the same page. It gave us the skills and prompts to ask the hard questions and really take a look at our lives and where we are and where we want to be. What's important and what is not. To realize that our family is the 7 of us and that we can't live for anyone but us. It helped us to realize where we need to be in order to live our dreams and be really happy.


The practices that we have taken home with us have changed our entire family dynamic. It's made transitioning from that retreat high back to home, a lot easier. I am forever grateful for this experience that Tim and Anni provided for us. My heart is full and I feel so blessed that we were able to go.


Seriously guys, go! Sign up for a retreat close to you, or make a trip out of it. Do it for you, for your marriage, for your family. You deserve it. You won't be disappointed.

Myrriah Jannette: Sacred Relationship was a wonderful experience! It helped us fall in love in an even deeper way. Anni and Tim shared intimately about their relationship, how they've grown and connected over the years, and gave us tools to foster a new sense of connection in our partnership. The Sacred Relationship retreat provides the perfect atmosphere for couples to share, express, and delve deeply for enhanced personal growth and growth as beloveds.

Megan Elizondo: My experience with Sacred Relationship has been a real heart and mind opener. Surrounded by the beauty, history and magic of Tulum, Mexico, I worked on my most treasured relationship, my marriage, along with three other lovely couples with the guidance of Anni and Tim. Fabian and I were given daily practices to strengthen our connection and keep our energy flowing at the highest vibration possible, to always carry joy and love in our actions and words. This was a pivotal trip for us on many levels and we are truly grateful for taking part in the retreat, for diving deep and doing the soul/heart work that needed to be done. The retreat could not have been more transformational. We were blessed with the most beautiful accommodations right on the beach with the healing and cleansing ocean right at our feet. We were showered in love in every way imaginable from delicious foods, to a seriously gorgeous basket full of mindful goods and the simplicity of having a safe space  to  share  our  struggles,  knowing

we were being held in love by the other couples. Our personal fires were ignited to be better and do better, but more importantly our fire and passion as a couple. We honored the soul contract between the two of us and re-committed to our union in the most purest, honest and beautiful way imaginable. This type of work is so needed in our world right now and we will forever hold the greatest gratitude and love for the Sacred Relationship program and Anni and Tim for bringing this heart work to our society. We must all hold joy in our hearts, do better, raise our vibration and be mindful of every moment if we wish to see change in our selves and our world.

Madonna Simons: To say our relationship was changed by the Sacred Relationship Retreat would be an understatement...we were TRANSFORMED!!! We went in tentative but excited to connect on a deeper level. On the first day we met four other couples who just "happened" to be right where we were at in our relationship, which helped us bonded deeply right away. Anni Daulter and Tim Daulter gently walked us through opening to each other in ways we hadn't realized had even fallen out of touch. Everything was infused with magic in our environment, from the beautiful swag baskets filled with romantic sundries, to sumptuous decor and unbelievably chic accommodations. Our days were filled with beautiful growth and guidance...leading to sensual nights filled with loving connection. I have attended many other SLM retreats, but this retreat has my heart. It gave the greatest gift I could have ever received. A high vibration symbiotic connection with my beloved. After being married 20 years and pulling apart almost a year ago today, we are more in love than ever and looking forward to the best years of our

life. I can't express my gratitude enough with words...if you are struggling or even just dream of a deeper more sacred relationship...please set the intention to attend this retreat. What the world needs now is more loving connection, and this retreat will transform your loving relationship...we can't wait to get home and co create our beautiful life together. See you in Ibiza for sacred relationship level 2! We are so grateful for you Anni & Tim are changing the world one heart at a time!!! xoxo

Trista Davis: After a few days at home I can say that our experience at Sacred Relationship was something that was a very important part of our life path. We spend 4 glorious days connecting and communicating like we never had before. I experienced quality time that is didn't know existed and formed deep intimacy with my husband that I had always hoped was possible. The retreat had this magic that just allowed another layer around my heart to be chipped away every single day and I left there so open and ready to love deeper and with greater passion and purpose. Not only did we work on our marriage, but our eyes were opened to what is possible for our future together in business and what our destiny is. Anni and Tim are fantastic facilitators and have a way of helping you uncover your truth and be really raw and open with each other. The re-commitment ceremony for me was really the icing on the cake, it was so wonderful to experience a "wedding" like event without the pressure  or  nervousness  of  the

crowd that usually comes with that. It was very intimate, unforgettable and really just so special. I am so grateful to Anni, Tim, and the other couples that were there supporting us! It was such a safe and loving environment, we will attend Sacred Relationship again and again. If you are thinking about going to Sacred Relationship, you should!!! It is really just incredible! Come with us to Spain in 2018!!

James Davis: Sacred Relationship was a great experience for me. The greatest part of the experience for me was that we were able to be out of our day to day life situation and be able to REALLY hear what each other had to say in a different context and environment. It was very beneficial to have Anni and Tim there to facilitate the conversations so that both parties were fully heard, and understood. They are a great team and have a way of pulling things out of you that you didn't know were there. I came out of the retreat with a deeper understanding of my wife and her needs. I am going home with so many tools and ideas to bring more romance and peace to our marriage! I would recommend Sacred Relationship to any other couples looking for a deeper connection, better communication and a great getaway!

Melanie Bredow: After 8 years and two children, Sven and I struggled a lot. After another flight, he decided to leave.... Not because he did not love me, but we felt stuck in our relationship. We both couldn't open up more . Old Stories and hurts closed the doors to our connection. We then decided to travel to other end of the world and see of we can find ... us again.

Anni Daulter and Tim Daulter brought so much love and it was not hard to talk honestly about fears and worries. The mix from really strong energy work and enjoying life on such a beautiful Island was perfect.

In those days we learned to nourish our self and each other.
We brought this connection and deep understanding back home. And even, when it is harder in between work and children... there is so much more love and understanding for the other . Even our connection to our children changed in a better way.

It was one of our best decisions to go there!

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