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Level 1 Live Retreats

Do you want to have the most Sacred Relationship you can possibly have with your beloved?


Have you been struggling with connecting with your partner in a deep + meaningful way, or just want to enrich your current relationship? Do you just feel like your relationship has dulled and is missing a spark? Are you fearful that you may be heading down a very negative road together and want to heal past hurts in order to rekindle your flame? Do you want to bring sexy back into your home and romance into your relationship...If this speaks to you...then our Sacred Relationship Retreats are calling. We want to help you bring your relationship to the highest vibration possible, uplifting your  love to amazing heights, so that you can be the best you in the relationship, the best partner to each other and live in your highest selves as parents. It does not matter where you are in your relationship, these retreats are for EVERYONE. We all need a re-refesh from time to time and even great relationships can always be better!



At a Sacred Relationship Retreat you will...

*connect with other couples in community circle

*explore topics such as:  self love, sacred kiss, love languages, marriage, high vibration relationships, bring sexy + romance back to your relationship, deep true connection with each other, how to have fun + laugh, release of fears + any past hurts all through discussion + creative mediums

*journal time

*men circle with Tim + women circle with Anni


*relationship connecting & honoring

*beautiful re-commitment ceremonies evening

*incredibly romantic dinner night

*photos + relaxation time

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