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About Us

What is Sacred Relationship?

Have you been struggling with connecting with your partner in a deep + meaningful way, or just want to enrich your current relationship? Do you just feel like your relationship has dulled and is missing a spark? Are you fearful that you may be heading down a very negative road together and want to heal past hurts in order to rekindle your flame? Do you want to bring sexy back into your home and romance into your relationship? If this speaks to you then our Sacred Relationship Retreats are calling. We want to help you bring your relationship to the highest vibration possible, uplifting your love to amazing heights, so that you can be the best you in the relationship, the best couple to each other and live in your highest selves as parents. 


Your relationship with your beloved is even more important than you think it is.  This  work  not  only


affects and benefits the two of you in your quality of life, the joy and fulfillment that you will get just being with your beloved and the romance and passion of your relationship. It also affects everyone you know. You are a living example for them to observe, to see what is possible and to inspire them to seek a Sacred Relationship as well. This is especially true if you have children. Your children observe you every single day and develop all of their expectations, hopes and dreams based on what they see. Do you want them to see, and then seek out, a relationship where the partners are glorified roommates, without deep connection or do you want them to see a relationship filled with active love, deep connection and obvious passion? So do this work for yourselves, first and foremost, but know that the success of your work benefits the entire world and everyone who you come in contact with. No pressure!

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