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Meet Anni + Tim


Anni Daulter is the author of several books, including Sacred Pregnancy, and the founder of the Sacred Living Movement, which encompasses many programs including Sacred Pregnancy, The Art of Sacred Postpartum, Sacred Doula, Sacred Milk, Sacred Relationship, Sacred Midwife, Sacred Beginnings, Sacred Yoga, Sacred Medicine Woman, Sacred Fertility, Sacred Biz and the Pregnant Mama Honoring + I AM Sisterhood Retreats.


Anni is often referred to as the Martha Stewart of the birth world, having the ability to merge the BEAUTY WAY lifestyle with body, mind, spirit, and life changing retreats and trainings. Anni is dedicated to changing the whole birth experience for women and making this sisterhood grow in ways that will eventually touch every woman near and far!


Tim Daulter, a native of Philadelphia, PA earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware. Six years of working as an engineer for the DuPont Company finally convinced him that he was on the wrong path. As a result of many personal struggles he ventured to California where he earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.


After meeting his wife Anni and the birth of their first child together, they were inspired to create an  Organic  Baby  Food  Company.  This experience proved both rewarding and challenging, and although he valued the lessons he received, he knew that his calling was for a more spiritual life. He began to discover the spiritual teachings that further deepened his spark of self awareness and led him down a path of self improvement and spiritual growth that has given him the greatest gift of all – the ability to be happy. Tim then wrote a popular self-healing book, Practicing Happy., which is a practical guide to help the reader find his /her "happiness" purpose in life.


Although he has often been a reluctant student in learning and living the principles laid out in this book, the stunning transformation that he experienced over a period of a few years inspired him to share the gifts that were given to him with as many people as possible.


Anni + Tim are happily married soul mates and adore their 4 children, Zoe, Lotus Sunshine, Bodhi Ocean, + River Love. They currently lead Sacred Relationship Retreats together all around the world.

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